Shipping, Ordering & Payment Policy


OCEANFRESHTAHONGCHIPS.COM reserves the right to change the price of products without prior notice and at any time without giving any reason thereof.


We accept payment in the form of the following: 

Bank Transfer


We do not charge a flat rate for shipping. Instead, we charge you that which the shipping company or courier charges us. The charge is based on the location, weight, and dimension.  


You have the Right to cancel an Order for the purchase of goods for any reason. This cancellation period begins on the DAY you ORDER the goods and expires the date the goods are shipped to you (the “Cancellation Period”). This cancellation right does not apply to sealed goods that were unsealed (opened) after delivery and/or partially consumed products.

TO exercise your cancellation rights you must send us notice of your decision in writing before the end of the Cancellation Period. There is no cancellation form but we need in your notice the Order number and product(s) and states that the Order is canceled. Send your notice by email at


By confirming your order for shipment outside the Philippines, you agree to the additional terms contained in this section.

If any package is returned to us because of an incorrect address, because you refuse the package, or for any other reason other than solely because of our error, you will be responsible for our shipping cost for the return and reshipment of the package. If the cost to return the package to us exceeds the cost of the goods ordered, or if you have ordered products that we are informed cannot be imported into the country of intended delivery, we may instruct the shipping company to abandon the package, but even if we do so, you will remain responsible for payment.

Additionally, you are considered the importer of record for all shipments from us, and must comply with all laws and regulations of the country of destination and all laws and regulations the United States imposed on exports to that country. You agree to pay any fees, fines, or other costs charged to us or to you in connection with any non-compliance with laws and regulations of the country of destination.

If we decide to allow return of an item that has been rejected because of import or other legal compliance issues, we will refund the purchase price of the merchandise, less any charges we incurred in connection with the shipment, such as quarantine fees, exam fees, demurrage charges, or warehousing fees assessed in the destination country or in the upon return of the goods, and less the shipping costs to return the package to